Pure Cow Ghee


Our COW & PAU  brand  PURE ghees are from New Zealand . They give a natural dairy flavour and creminess to finished products and is a perfect high quality fat ingredient.


Both our PURE ghees are made from 99.9 % pure milkfat, produced only from fresh cream that assures its granular texture and rich aroma.


Our PURE ghees are  :

  • Free from moisture and contains no chemical additives
  • NO preservatives and flavours
  • NO foreign fats and other impurities


Suggested Usage

Our pure ghee is an excellant cooking medium which brings out aroma and flavour of many foods. It is an delicious alternative to butter and other cooking oils.It combine perfectly with wide variety of spices use in frying, baking,roasting or even as spread on chapattis/roti etc.


Storage :      To store in cool dry area away from direct sunlight.


Product of Origin : NEW ZEALAND with HALAL certification.




Our Available Packing Sizes :


                                 150g x 60 TIns                     
400g x 24 Tins

   150g x 72 Tins  

800g x 12 Tins

   240g x 24 Tins

1.6 Kg x 8 Tins  800g x 12 Tins
15 Kg  




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